Haunting tales from the halls of residence

Haunting tales from the halls of residence

University students in Hong Kong have long told each other stories of ghostly sightings on campus

In the spirit of the Hungry Ghost Festival, we offer these spirited stories. Feel free to believe them or not - but it's hard to deny that most have something in common. They are mainly about youngsters that are independent for the first time and have to deal with complex issues like balancing romance with study. They may seem tame, but it's likely they will live on - after all, they're older than you are!

The girl with no face

Single Braid Road is located near Chung Chi College at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). It is whispered that students may meet a woman with a long hair braid at night - but upon closer inspection she has no face. The most popular version of the story states that she was a new immigrant from the mainland and that her face and scalp were ripped off when she jumped from the train where University Station is located today. She is rarely seen by female students, probably because only male students would bother to take a closer look.

Coming back from Room 111

Work hard, play hard - that's what most university students do, right? For this unfortunate CUHK student, he did too much of the former. While trying to travel to another dimension for his extra-credit assignment, he electrocuted himself in Room 111 of Grace Tien Hall. His roommate didn't know he had gone until a mysterious note was pinned to his door saying, "I will come back soon".

Soup from beyond the grave

Secret lovers - what's new? Again at CUHK, a couple decided to take a break during their exams in order to avoid distractions. Fortunately, the girl lived on the floor above her boyfriend and she would deliver soup to him every night by lowering it from her window. At some point during the examination period the girl died. But the boyfriend had no knowledge of this, as each night soup was still delivered. There are countless variations to the ending, but the boyfriend always expresses shock when hearing of his girlfriend's death. "If she died, then who delivered the soup?"

Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre

It is said that this building at the University of Hong Kong was designed to keep the spirit of Chong Yuet-ming, Li Ka-shing's former wife, at rest. The building seems to have obstacles to block the wheelchair-bound Chong - for example, one has to climb a few steps to enter the girls' washroom. Even the supermarket closes earlier than the student canteen, perhaps owing to tales that the shop staff have seen a woman in a wheelchair late at night. Students have even been puzzled by the architectural design of the building - from certain angles, it seems to be shaped like a coffin.

Toilet terror on LG4

We've all heard of ghosts haunting the female toilets, but there seems to be an unusual ghost that haunts a male toilet on the LG4 floor of the Academic Building at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. No one uses this lavatory if they can avoid it. Some variants of the story say that a student committed suicide nearby and chooses to haunt the place.

Rumours keep on spreading. Only unsuspecting freshmen use the facilities - older, more seasoned students know better than to tempt fate!



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