HK hosts record breakers

HK hosts record breakers

Amazing achievers are drawing the crowds in Hong Kong


Guo Guozhi lifts 14 benches simultaneously with his teeth; Lan Guangping jumps onto raw eggs without breaking them; and magician Avon Lee at Cityplaza.
Guo Guozhi lifts 14 benches simultaneously with his teeth; Lan Guangping jumps onto raw eggs without breaking them; and magician Avon Lee at Cityplaza.
Photos: May Tse and Edmond So
You've probably visited the world's most expensive airport or ridden on the world's longest outdoor escalator before. That's because they are both in Hong Kong.

However, as far as other bizarre and unusual Guinness world records are concerned, well, the chance to witness one of them has been less likely - until now. Up until August 21, you can see the final week of the Guinness World Record Holders at Cityplaza, Taikoo Shing.

"I was very anxious," says Guo Guozhi, who holds the record for the most benches lifted with his teeth, as he recalls his record-setting performance five years ago in Britain. He managed to hold 14benches that weighed more than 62kg.

Guinness judges must monitor a record-breaking performance for it to be deemed valid. Participants are usually allowed only one record attempt. "The demands of Guinness are really strict, and you get only one shot at it," says Guo, whose performance at Cityplaza last week sparked rapturous applause from the crowd.

Born into a family of farmers, Guo grew up obsessing about Chinese martial arts novels. As a teenager, he discovered his unusual talent when lifting farming tools with his teeth in his spare time.

After 20 years of intense practice, and with the help of attention from the media, his "hobby" has eventually developed into a career and a first-of-its-kind Guinness world record.

Guo's compatriot, Lan Guangping, is another Guinness world record holder. He shares Guo's fondness for martial arts. Lan, a former school teacher, is nicknamed the Prince of Qinggong, a martial art in which practitioners can supposedly make their bodies lighter.

Lan is the record holder for "the most standing jumps onto raw eggs, without breaking them, in one minute". He completed six successful jumps out of 13attempts.

"Every time I jump, I concentrate and balance myself without putting too much pressure on the eggs below," he says.

Another record holder invited to perform was Avon Lee Hang-chai, from Hong Kong. He holds the record for the most teleportation illusions performed in one minute - a record he set in Tai Po in June.

His record attempt cost him more than HK$1 million in props and equipment.

Yet behind the magician's cloak, Lee is a policeman. He says that magic is only a hobby for him - it's not something he would ever do full time.

Each week has seen different acts perform. For the final week, organisers have brought an act all the way from the United States. Acrodunk, a five-man basketball acrobatics team, will perform their record-breaking feat: the most off-the-glass slam dunks, jumping off a trampoline, in 30 seconds. Their record is an astonishing 35 dunks.

You can see Acrodunk perform between August 18 at 21 at Cityplaza.



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