Makes you wanna Ivana

Makes you wanna Ivana

Local singer-songwriter Ivana Wong Yuen-chi continues to showcase her story-telling talents in her latest EP, Cinema of Love.

The album truly shows why this highly acclaimed lyricist won the Authors Society of Hong Kong song writing contest in 2000. Cinema of Love illustrates Wong's artistic style, which is soft yet powerful in triggering emotions.

The third track Anne Frank is one of the most atmospheric. Wong's poetic lyrics portray the young girl's optimism and eagerness to survive amid the gloom and horror of war. The delicacy in Wong's voice, and the soothing piano melody also adds a dreamy element. This is Wong at her best.

The rest of the disc continues the theme of love. Cuo Guo Le Di Zhi was used in the recent Chinese film A Beautiful Life. Mut Yat, literally "Doomsday", conveys the message of cherishing every moment we have with our loved ones.

The EP also includes a cover of Colours of the Wind, the theme from Disney's classic Pocahontas, and I Dreamed a Dream from the musical Les Misérables. Both tracks are fantastic and display Wong's elegant, radiant voice.

Cinema of Love is a work of art which exquisitely displays the artist's sense of self. There may be only seven tracks, but they're sure to make fans long for more.



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