Chilled beach vibe for summer

Chilled beach vibe for summer

Grammy award-winner Colbie Caillat's third album All of You sports beach-ready romantic tunes that soothe as they let her carefree persona shine through.

The album features a wide range of collaborators, from American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi to fellow musician boyfriend Justin Young who helped to pen the album.

It opens with Brighter than the Sun, with a tropical, staccato vibe that is unexpected given Caillat's famed ballads. This theme is continued to a lesser extent in I Do, which gives the bubbly American artist a chance to exhibit more varied sounds.

In fact, throughout the album you can hear her experimenting with new sounds, a move that makes her music seem more developed, yet she still retains her signature laidback vibe.

There are striking similarities between Caillat and Taylor Swift. But Caillat sounds more grown up, and adds a California breeziness to themes commonly touched upon by Swift: chasing, finding and losing love.

What Means the Most details the "simple things that mean the most" to her. It's full of sweet revelations that a lot of people will appreciate. There are a few attempts to fuse her beachy vibe with a more reggae/tropical sound, much like Bruno Mars and his chilled pop tunes. This album is perfect for a chilled-out afternoon on the beach.



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