Paramore Video Contest - Winners!!

Paramore Video Contest - Winners!!


Winners: Kei Uchida (Watch her video) and Zacharie Star ZEE (Watch her video)
Prize: One ticket and one meet and greet each

Runner-up: Shereen Khemchandani (Watch her video)
Prize: A pair of tickets


As most of you already know, American rock band Paramore is coming to town on Sunday, August 14. They will be performing from 8pm at Asia World Expo. We have four tickets and two meet and greets for Young Post readers.

For a chance to win make a 30-second video that shows what you like best about Paramore. Upload it on Youtube and send the link, along with your full name, age, school and contact number to Remember that if you don't want your Youtube video to be public, you can choose 'unlisted' in the privacy settings.

Two winners will get one ticket and one meet and greet each; one runner-up will get a pair of tickets.

The meet and greet winners will each have to write a 250-word review of the concert and send it to by Tuesday, August 16.

Deadline for submission: 4pm, Monday, August 8.

Rules & Guidelines
** Winners will go to the concert and meet & greet unaccompanied, so entries are limited to secondary school students aged 13 to 19.
** Contestant can only enter one video each.
** Entries are individual. If you want to go with your friend, send two separate entries and hope for the best.
** Your submission must be your own work.
** Winning entries will be posted on the Young Post website and Facebook page.
** After the concert, winners will have to write a 250-word review of the concert and their experience of meeting Paramore.
** The meet & greet is not an interview. You will get to meet the Paramore band, but you will not interview them.
** The judges' decision is final.
** SCMP reserves to right to change the contest guidelines at any time.
** SCMP staff members and their families cannot take part in the contest.


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