Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki

Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki

It seems Wonder Woman won't be returning to the small screen any time soon; the pilot was so terrible that US broadcaster NBC decided not to pick up the show.

For the last two decades, Hollywood has been going on about a possible movie and television show for DC Comics' Amazon princess. Finally, at the start of this year, NBC said it had commissioned a pilot, helmed by creator, writer and executive producer David Kelley (Ally McBeal and Harry's Law), who has plenty of experience making legal dramas but zero background in producing action or superhero shows.

The pilot starred Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, Cary Elwes as Henry Detmer and Elizabeth Hurley as the villain. Directing this amazing cast was Jeffery Reiner, whose credits include Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The result was far from spectacular; I can't say I would be excited to see more. The acting performances were bland and the action sequences were worse than last year's The Cape.

Palicki's heroine is portrayed as a ruthless vigilante and comes off like a female Batman who is willing to break the law to catch the bad guys and goes as far as torturing prisoners in hospital. Story-wise, it was no better, which was surprising since Kelley is a brilliant writer.

The successful Lynda Carter series ended in 1979. Fans might have another long wait to see Wonder Woman in her live-action glory again.


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