Many moods of growing up

Many moods of growing up

Growing up means going through ups and downs in our lives. Singer-songwriter Priscilla Ahn channels these phases of life into her second studio album, When You Grow Up.

With her angelic voice, Ahn narrates the experiences through which we grow. Starting off with When You Grow Up and One Day I Will Do, Ahn evokes the viewpoint of a maturing child.

The former has more of a playful piano feel, along with lively vocals. The latter talk more about the confusion she feels in the world, admitting how fragile and imperfect she feels.

Empty House will touch your heart with its depiction of the loneliness and sorrow all of us have felt. Her acoustic guitar accompanying depressing lyrics, Ahn's intimate songwriting effortlessly creates the mood.

Growing up, of course, doesn't mean having to lose touch with one's imaginative self. Ahn demonstrates her whimsical side in Elf Song, which tells the story of the moon granting a wish to an awkward and unwanted elf.

Ahn's vocals create a subtle yet unbreakable thread of intimacy between herself and her listeners. The tenderness in her voice reminds us to keep every moment of our growing up in our minds, even if they seem insignificant, because one day they will be the most magical of memories.



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