Songs to fall for

Songs to fall for

The truth of Gorillaz's 32-day journey across Canada and the United States, during which The Fall was recorded, is exposed in this diary of their road trip. The "pet project" was recorded on lead man Damon Albarn's iPad.

The journey begins with Phoner to Arizona, with a repetitive beat that starts the stir of perpetual motion to continue throughout the album.

Interspersed are road stops such as Revolving Door, which maintains the casual atmosphere, but adds a mellow, foggy sound. You can almost smell the soggy wood of an old bar, feel the aimlessness of its wandering customers. The quirky Detroit, with its long, colourful intro and occasional cowbell, signals the return to the road. Lightening the mood, this track brings images of travellers refreshed and ready to go.

Little Pink Plastic Bags is the existential crisis that occurs after an abnormal number of hours on the road. There is sadness in the soft vocals; it is easy to imagine Albarn slumped near a window on the bus, his iPad carelessly resting on his lap as he watches lonely plastic bags float by.

The animated band's latest album is rugged, laid-back, personal, yet understated. Hong Kong might lack the cross country highways of North America, but The Fall is sure to bring colour to your next traffic jam.

YP Rating: 4/5



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