Website review:

Website review:

When it comes down to music, nobody likes to be labeled as the follower. In fact, most people want to be seen as the trailblazer. They want to be THAT person who ventures off the mainstream and comes back with the next chart-topper. But where are these unshared treasures of the music world? Well, many of them are at

With its slogan “music for the rest of us”, is a music blog that focuses on promoting music made by unheralded artists. The Kollection (as it is known) focuses on the highly popular genres of techno, dubstep, indie rock, rap and mashups. Everyday, at least six new songs are posted on the website, most of them within a couple hours of their release. All the songs can be easily buffered and listen to in full while the download link provided can, within the minute, send the song straight into your itunes (and yes, everything on the site is free AND legal). Sometimes, even full mixtapes or exclusive interviews are posted. In addition, the Kollection often creates 100 song playlists for download in anticipation for events such as spring break and finals week.

One thing that the Kollection has to its advantage is its staff size. Whereas most music blogs are run by one, maybe two people, the Kollection has a total of eight active contributors. With these extra pairs of ears and eyes, the Kollection is able to be much more precise when filtering through music. This not only ensures that the quality of songs posted are always high, but it also increases the chances of a new great artist being discovered, something that many of us look forward to.

In addition, the Kollection is maintained in a very professional manner. Unlike many other music blogs, the Kollection is able to find the right balance between creativity and simplicity and thus create a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate through.

Everybody should definitely check out the Kollection. Yes, everybody. No matter if you are techno enthusiast, on the hunt for the next chart topper or looking to impress your friends with something new, you will definitely not leave the site empty handed. And even if you’re still not convinced that great music lies beyond the charts, go check the Kollection out, because you will be astounded by the amount of talent out there.


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