10 great nap-time alternatives

10 great nap-time alternatives

Don't snooze away your holiday ... here are some awesome ideas to spice up your summer

Holidays mean a chance to relax and unwind, but don't spend the whole time on your sofa or in front of the computer. The Young Post team has compiled a list of things you could learn this summer.

1. Speak in a different tongue

Summer is the perfect time to brush up on your foreign language skills. Spare Time Study Centre offers courses in Japanese, Korean and more. The Goethe Institute specialises in German. Alliance Francaise de Hong Kong organises intensive French courses for teens. Visit hkftustsc.org, goethe.de and alliancefrancaise.com.hk.

2. Unveiling your drama talents

If you want to unleash the actor or actress in you but don't know how, worry no more. Black Bird Theatre offers an eight-session course on acting and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts will run summer courses on a variety of crafts from stage managing to acting. Visit www.blackbirdtheatre.hk and www.hkapa.edu.

3. Go against the current

Among all the traditional summer activities - sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling - you can discover a touch of winter at Slope Infinity. The facility offers snowboarding and skiing courses with the assistance of professionals. Sign up for a summer session and you can get a discount. For more information, visit www.slope8.com.

4. Capture all that's around you

There is no faster way of learning the basics of photography than by using a fully manual half-frame film camera. You will have to learn to set exposure values correctly, and the unforgiving nature of film also means you will think long and hard before taking shots. You can buy a cheap second-hand camera at www.ebay.com.hk.

5. Beautify a cake

Complete Deelite hosts Wilton cake decoration classes for people of all ages and levels. It's a great way to learn new baking techniques as well as master the art of frosting. You could take a friend with you to share the experience. Visit www.completedeelite.com for details.

6. Let the artist in you speak up

Dip your paintbrush in colour and swirl it upon a canvas. This summer and all year round, Studio 83 offers painting classes. You can learn to paint life-like or impressionistic images of what's around you: people, plants, pets, or whatever is important to you. Visit www.studio83.com.hk to sign up for a session.

7. Challenge yourself

Learn to test yourself physically and mentally by embracing the outdoors with or without your parents. Thanks to Outward Bound School, you can spend a few days in the wilderness, become a crew member on a yacht, or climb rocky slopes. Visit www.outwardbound.org.hk/youth.html to choose your very own adventure.

8. Argue and speak confidently

Hong Kong Polytechnic University is offering public speaking and debating summer classes. You can practise your leadership and communication skills at an 11-day workshop and emerge with style and confidence. For more information, visit medc.polyu.edu.hk/event/JE2011/sc2011_eye_pse.html .

9. Create and animate

The Hong Kong Savannah College of Art and Design will offer intensive summer courses tailored to teens. Experienced professionals will help you create your own website with motion graphic projects or learn the basics of game design. Visit www.scad.edu/programs/community-ed-summer/summer-workshops-hk.cfm.

10. Mix, match and design your own glass handicrafts

Glass beads, glass cups, glass vases - they are everywhere. If you feel like making your own glass art, take a trip to Lamma Island. Depending on how much time you have and how much you are willing to pay, you can make a range of goodies from glass frames to jewellery to vases. Visit www.sellingpoint.com.hk for details.

Compiled by Phoebe Chan and Olivia Chavassieu



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