Brushing up on creative side of life

Brushing up on creative side of life

Oscary Wine & Art invited 10 junior reporters to try their hand at art jamming, or social painting. Tucked away in a small lane in Sheung Wan, the studio is a quiet place, ideal for relaxing and discovering your creative instincts.

The theme for the session was "garden". Our reporters could come up with their own ideas, or use pictures and postcards to provide inspiration. They were given some basic instructions and tools before starting their piece - then they worked individually, seeking advice from the teachers from time to time. All the participants did some amazing work within two hours, showing great style and imagination. Here they explain what's behind their paintings.

Natalie Chui

Instead of a stereotypical view of a garden, I went for a different perspective. I was struck by a picture of a white picket fence and based my painting on it because it reminded me so much of the freshness and happiness of spring. Although I am not the most artistic of people, I certainly had a wonderful experience. I left the workshop feeling proud to call my shaky piece of art "mine".

Juliana Law

I have a teddy bear pouch/bag and wanted to decorate it. I thought a shirt in bright floral patterns would be a great fashion statement for the bear. On the bag, I used tones of purple to draw peonies and added a playful sparrow to make the piece more dynamic. I used thick strokes of brown, yellow and white to draw a feathery bird, perched on my name. I now have a very special bag!

Chatel Cheng

I drew a bouquet of pink flowers. I painted them in pink and placed them in the centre of the canvas, hinting the flowers represent a heart. The heart is blossoming in a beautiful way, just like every single one of us. I got this idea because I had just participated in Crossroads, a charity that donates quality second-hand goods to those in need. I wanted to show my passion for the poor.

Nola Yip

The artwork represents a lonesome leaf on a withered branch in a dark, cold forest. The theme "garden" usually reminds people of colourful plants. But not always. I also wanted to bring contrast, to make it more eye-catching. I made the background grey and dark, and added a bright orange leaf to show the difference. The contrast isolates the leaf and shows it's on its own.

Gabrielle Chan

I was inspired by a perfume commercial. A girl stood savouring the fragrance of a field of pink flowers. I wanted to add soft and dreamy elements to my painting to send a message: tonnes of gorgeous and colourful things are out there to appreciate. We can choose to think on the bright side each time. It was my first art jam. It teaches patience and the importance of positive thinking.

Jacqueline Leung

I love to watch the sunset. It always gives me complicated, positive and negative feelings. I am impressed by the beautiful view of a sunset, with its different variations of red. But it is also sad, symbolising a wonderful day is ending. My sky changes gradually from orange to red. The bright colours emphasise happiness. Lower down, darker colours create a bit of sadness.

Charlotte Chan

I painted a field of colourful flowers. The warm colours combine to reflect the summer weather. Red is most emotional and represents love. Yellow is optimistic, happy and joyful; orange creative and fascinating; white symbolises purity. Together, I hope my field of flowers encourages people to show their true selves - and be red, yellow, orange, pink and white at the same time!

Kate Ng

I started by painting three layers. Each one of them represents a specific period of growth for the flowers. They were all seeds sharing the same living conditions, but the outcome can be very different. Like humans, once we were all children. However, we can live in totally distinct ways and that's why everyone of us is unique.

Tara Lee

I decided to paint red flowers by a dark sea under a bright cloudy sky. At first the flowers were blue but I thought that they were not noticeable enough so I brightened them up after consulting Oscary Art and Wine's artists. It was nice to go home with my very own painting, and the experience itself was relaxing.

Oscary Wine & Art offers art jamming sessions for HK$150 to HK$280. The price includes a canvas or tote bag, acrylic paint and two soft drinks. For details and bookings, call 2964 9111 or go to the Oscary Wine & Art Facebook page.

Compiled by Olivia Chavassieu

Check out the pictures of the workshop on the YP Facebook page



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