Kylie comes out of her shell

Kylie comes out of her shell

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, and there was a lot of love coming from both the performer and her audience at Kylie Minogue's "Aphrodite Live 2011" concert on July 1.

Fans ranging from retirees to at least one five-year-old- some dressed in togas or wrapped in feathers and bright, colourful wigs- roared as Minogue made her grand entrance at the HKCEC.

The stage set was a Greek temple, with a huge video screen behind it. Minogue ascended onto the stage from an open shell, like Botticelli's Venus, wearing an appropriately Greek toga and wings on both sides of her head. The pint-sized popstar kicked the night off with her hit song Aphrodite.

The stage was constantly full of dancers and acrobats whose costumes matched hers, performing wild dances and incredible aerial displays.

Minogue's entrances on stage were extraordinary: from riding a Pegasus to standing on a chariot pulled by men. Her breathtaking costumes, designed by Dolce & Gabbana, included sassy togas adorned with diamonds and feathery accessories, classy ball gowns, a black top hat and a casually chic orange fur coat.

The audience sang and danced along to her energetic new songs, especially Put Your Hands Up, and several numbers from previous albums, including Can't Get You Out of My Head, I Believe in You and In My Arms. But the crowd sat down to enjoy the quieter, acoustic If You Don't Love Me, many yelling "I do love you" after she sang the title line.

In between songs, Minogue spoke to her fans, expressing her love and gratitude for their support. At one point, she took requests and performed a sped-up version of Locomotion.

People shouted "Encore!" after Minogue went backstage after nearly two hours on stage. Within minutes, she reappeared, ascending the stage via a three-layered platform in her final toga, wearing a helmet encrusted with diamonds and singing On a Night Like This.

To end the concert, Minogue sang the hit All the Lovers from her new album, where she stood on top of her three-layered prop while her dancers lay on the bottom two layers, just like in the music video. Great showmanship, and for the fans of the veteran Australian star, a night like this was truly a night to remember.



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