Ah, to cool down with a bubbly pearly ice-cold tea!

Ah, to cool down with a bubbly pearly ice-cold tea!

We give you the lowdown on 10 of the city's best watering holes where we love seeking shelter from the summer heat for a few gulps of sheer bliss

You may feel like you're being baked alive as you're shopping outdoors in the summer heat but don't want to stop because you're on a roll. As you browse through the boutiques, you may want to grab a bubble tea to cool down.

Young Post makes it easier for you by revealing the top 10 places where you can get your bubble tea fix.

1. Come Buy (by Lesley Cheung and Ruby Leung)

The Prince Edward branch is located right by the MTR Station, which makes it very convenient. This chain has some of the sweetest and chewiest pearls in town.

Shop 13, G/F, Bijou Apartments, 157 Prince Edward Road West

2. Joda's Cup (by Leona Chen)

This shop offers a wide variety of flavours in two different cup sizes and custom-made flavours. Visitors can add aloe vera and even pudding to their freshly made drinks. Yummy!

Shop G01, G/F, Olympia Plaza, King's Road, North Point

3. Chatime (by Leona Chen)

Chatime offers many creative and healthy drinks: fruit juices, oolong tea with milk and other mouth-watering pick-me-ups.

7T094, Level 7 Departures Check-in Hall, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok

4. Gong Cha's (by Jocelyn Wong and Sophie Cheung)

Gong Cha has plenty to offer: traditional milk tea, coffee, even Horlicks. You can also mix up your drink to your heart's content from myriad available flavours and condiments.

Shop 316A, 3/F, Star House, No 3 Salisbury Road, TST

5. Tea Time House (by Grace Yip)

For those who love big and chewy pearls, this is your stop. Freshly made drinks come in a huge cup. There are many different flavours for more adventurous palates.

Shop 3B, G/F, Cannon Street, Causeway Bay

6. Rbt (by Jocelyn Wong)

Served in huge cups, the drinks are good value for money. They come with a wide range of snacks and a lunch-and-dinner menu. Thick toasts and chicken wings are popular.

Shop No 232, 2/F, Pioneer Centre, 750 Nathan Road, Prince Edward

7. Easy Drink Easy Go (by Jeannie Nam)

You can choose the size of your pearls and add crystal jelly or even mango cream to your bubble tea. For diet buffs: try fruit teas.

Shop 11, G/F, Chun Fai Building, 1-11 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai

8. Happy Lemon (by Chatel Cheng)

One of the most popular bubble tea chain stores in Hong Kong, Happy Lemon has it all from refreshing teas to ice-cold juices.

Shop L012, G/F, Kornhill Plaza South, 1 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay

9. Lung Shing Tea House (by Ruby Leung)

The pearls are chewy and the milk tea is different - and great. As a bonus, you get a free drink after collecting nine stamps.

G/F, Kwong Tai Building, 93 Lion Rock Road, Kowloon City (opposite Kowloon City Plaza)

10. Tea Chansii (by Jocelyn Wong)

This cosy Taiwanese dessert shop offers a great selection of bubble teas in funky bottles on the go - black tea with agar jelly and basil seeds for one.

G/F, 72 Argyle Street, Mong Kok



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