We love China because...

We love China because...

With all the noise about the proposed 'nationalistic education', Young Post cadet reporters Haruka Nuga and Grace Yip took to the streets and the net to find out why

I love the food, shopping for bargains or the sense of history
Haruka Nuga, 19, University of Hong Kong

It has been a reaper of good businesses in the past and is drawing Westerners to do business in Asia. That's why Asia's so big now. Everyone predicts the big money is all here.
Wu Tsz-kwan , 15, & Fong Bo-yi, 16, ECF Saint Too Canaan College

The convenient public transportation system makes it easy to get around to places, particularly in the major cities.
Chen Jia Jun, 19, Kiangsu Chekiang College International Section

It's is one of the world's largest exporters for almost anything!

There's always something everywhere.
Horace Chien Ka-ho, 19, Diocesan Boys' School

Technology that is affordable and of high quality is what comes to mind when I think of China. Almost everything I own and enjoy using is made in China.
Vincent Yu, 19, University of California, Los Angeles

Table tennis - their extraordinary skill in handling the lightweight, hollow ball and little racquets enables the mainlanders to dominate world titles. Also, China uses its economic strength to help struggling countries.
Bettina Pschorr, 15, Christian Alliance International School

Recently China has begun holding great events such as the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai 2010 Expo.
Phyllis Choi & Bessie Ng, both 14, Renaissance College Hong Kong

The many minority groups and hundreds of dialects make it interesting.
Mark Chan, 16, International Christian School

Despite the constant griping from Hongkongers about mainlanders flooding Louis Vuitton and other brand-name stores, they spend their money in our economy, which is never a bad thing.
Jeremy Loo, 19, Azusa Pacific University, Los Angeles

The environment has been better, especially after the Olympics. It shows the nation's potential to further reduce air pollution. As one of the world powers, China has the ability to set an example for other large countries to "go green" and save the planet.
Hannah Tsang Hip-lok, 17, & Joanna Fu Ying, 18, TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College

Additional reporting by YP Junior Reporter Fong Hui-yi



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