Look good, sound blah

Look good, sound blah

K-pop quartet 2AM is managed and trained by JYP Entertainment, the major South Korean record label behind big names like Rain and Wonder Girls. So it's no surprise that the boy band's first full album release comes with so much hype.

Sadly, the 11-track debut, Saint o'Clock, is nothing to get excited about. It's a lot of your typical K-pop type of songs and it doesn't add anything to a label that's already packed with boy bands.

There's a definite theme running through the album: most tracks are laced with the signature K-pop electronic hum, which blends well with the acoustics. Perhaps, though, it's not necessary to make the chord progressions and lyrics follow such a set pattern for so much of the album. Some spontaneity would've worked wonders.

The subject matter will appeal to the target audience but, again, variety in lyrics would make this 46-minuter better all round.

The second track, You Wouldn't Answer My Calls, is definitely worth a listen. Check out the music video if you like those long Korean MVs with extended skits. Be warned, it's a tear-jerker.

2AM falls below expectations with Saint o'Clock. The guys have the image, but they need to step up the music. Skip this one, cross your fingers and hope the next one will be a little more inspired.

YP Rating: 3/5



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