The final challenge of Brain Game: Vote Now!!

The final challenge of Brain Game: Vote Now!!

What would you do with 10 shoelaces, a chair and 20 roses?
Karen Allisa Napoles, 18, Delia Memorial School Broadway

I would distribute the roses to people I love and care for. I would thank them for playing a loving role in my life. I would hand them to those people that have helped me and kept me company whenever I have endured a tough time, difficulties and trials. They might know they are important to me already, but this would just remind them that I am very thankful to have great people around me - and that they will always be remembered.

As for the chair, I would smarten it up and place it in my room. I'd decorate it with different colours: each colour would be for certain memories - either good or bad. Bright colours would represent joyful memories to be cherished. Dark colours would not remind me of the bitter and hurtful moments in my life, but rather of how I conquered tough times and how overcame my problems.

As for the shoelaces, I'd give eight of them to four friends, one pair each, and keep one pair for myself. We'd learn cool, new and exciting ways of putting our shoelaces in our shoes, saying goodbye to the traditional and boring method of shoe lacing. Experimenting is always cool, especially when you experience it with friends. They'd remember me whenever they saw their chic and creative shoelaces.

Kobe Lee Wai-ling, 16, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

I would use these materials to make a "compromise chair". As the name suggests, this chair would be specially designed for couples experiencing a "cold war". Hopefully they could make up after their conflicts.

I would cover the chair in red petals from 12 roses. The romantic touch would remind couples of their sweet memories. The chair would be a two-seater. When they sat together, the man's right leg and the woman's left leg would be tied together by one shoelace. Their other leg would be tied to the chair with two more shoelaces. The couple would be tied down so that they could not leave the chair and walk away easily. It would provide a chance for them to talk, rather than walk.

They would not be allowed to get up off the chair until they reached a compromise. I would tie the eight remaining roses together with the seven remaining shoelaces. When the couple sorted out their argument, the man could give the roses to the woman. In the language of flowers, eight roses symbolise an apology. No matter who is to blame for the row, a romantic apology is always the answer


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shefali sonecha


I would give the 20 roses to random people, just to make them smile and make them realize how good life is. For the shoelaces, I have seen many relationships break recently, so I would give the pairs one shoelace and request them to be together with the people that they love because we find our true