Script: Listening Exercise 113

Script: Listening Exercise 113

Moving Day

Chrissie and Jimmy are colleagues. Last Thursday they had a day off work because each of them was moving to a new apartment. On Friday morning, they had this conversation.

Chrissie: Morning, Jimmy. How did yesterday go? Did everything go according to plan?

Jimmy: Very well indeed. It was hard work but everything went smoothly. Did your move go okay?

Chrissie: I moved okay, but things didn’t go as well as yours did, by the sound of it.

Jimmy: What happened?

Chrissie: Well, to begin with, the removal men were late. They should have been there for nine but they didn’t arrive until half past.

Jimmy: Mine arrived at nine fifteen on the dot. And there were half a dozen of them so we got the flat emptied quickly. They got everything in the van in forty minutes flat.

Chrissie: Wow! I never thought to check how many men would be doing the job. Two men arrived with the van and they were so slow. It took them two hours to clear my flat. They were as slow as tortoises. And I had to make them endless cups of tea.

Jimmy: Well, mine was't event-free. There were a couple of small mishaps as they were loading the van. They dropped a kitchen chair and broke one of the legs and then they tore the cover of the sofa as they were putting it in the van.

Chrissie: Mine broke a valuable vase and also cracked a mirror. I wasn’t very pleased.

Jimmy: How many packing cases did you have?

Chrissie: I had fifteen. It had taken me a week to pack.

Jimmy: You packed your own packing cases? I didn’t. The removal firm came round the night before last and packed all the stuff from my cupboards and so on. I had a dozen cases. I supervised them but I didn’t lift a thing myself.

Chrissie: I obviously employed the wrong removal firm.

Jimmy: We should have compared notes before we made the bookings. My sister recommended the firm I used.

Chrissie: I wish I’d known. I just got my firm online. I was very disappointed with them. They were very inefficient.

Jimmy: I can’t fault my lot at all. They were excellent in every respect. Did they get your stuff to the new flat okay?

Chrissie: Eventually, yes. But would you believe they got lost on the way. I had to call them three times to see where they were. I’d got a taxi to the new flat and had to wait more than two hours for them to arrive.

Jimmy: A friend took me to my new place by car. It took the movers thirty minutes. I was in the flat for only five minutes when they arrived.

Chrissie: You obviously had a better moving experience than me. But what's important is we've both found places we like to live. You'll have to come over and see it!


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