Review: Sofina AUBE Couture Summer Collection

Review: Sofina AUBE Couture Summer Collection

Okay, so I picked up a couple of items from the AUBE couture summer collection which is going to be officially released on July 1. It includes four eyeshadow palettes called the AUBE Couture Designing Impression Eyes (HK$240 each) and eight new colours for their AUBE Couture Designing Premium Rouge – a four in one lip product (HK$210 each). Out of the eight new colours, four will are limited edition.

The lip products are said to be four products combined into one chic pink tube. The products include a lip balm, lip essence, lipstick and lipgloss – marketing that these properties do leave your lips soft even after it wears off. I was a little dubious when I first tried it out – I thought that the pigmentation of the ‘gloss’ would be very sheer and would just fade away quick like any other gloss. I was wrong.

In fact, I am pretty much in love with the Sofina lip products – they’re very opaque and really do what they say: they condition my lips and make them feel a lot smoother even after they wear off. Today, I used the RD 595 – a orangey coral. It was a little much for work so I can’t really judge the longevity of the gloss but I will definitely be trying this out when I head out during the weekend. Although testing for this product was short, it basically stayed put for about two hours and didn’t feel sticky or have a scent. This for me, makes it a definite staple item which has replaced the Chanel Rouge Allure in my heart and is tied in place with the Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie.

The eyeshadows in the collection, I am not as keen on. The new collection features four new eyeshadow palettes in a cute pink and blinged box. The one I used today was the 551 which is made of shimmery pinks and browns that are meant for a “romantic” look. Also included were two small makeup brushes and their new top powdered eyeliner which is milled to a different density to the other eyeshadows and a set of instructions that tells you what product to be applied where. The concept is interesting but sadly the product is a dud. The top shade and inner corner shadows are arguably the best out of the bunch – the top colour is sheer, but has subtle purple, pink and peach microshimmers which give it a really nice iridescent sheen whereas the inner corner is quite pigmented and has a very delicate subtle sheen which made my eyes ‘pop’.

Otherwise the two colours meant for the lids (although beautiful in the box) have a huge fallout and have chunky glitter particles outside. The new formulated eyeliner is very chalky and does not show up on the skin as well. It took a lot of effort for me to work with this – I had already used the Urban Decay Primer potion as base already and they still would not show up well. I might try using the shadows wet but otherwise, am not too pleased with the shadows.

Overall, I’d say the premium rouge’s are a must-buy (AUBE offers a total of 32 colours) which will give you smoother lips whilst having a perfect pout and skip the eyeshadows unless you are really into glitter and cute packaging.


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