Stepping into Harry's own world for real

Stepping into Harry's own world for real

Young Post junior reporters revelled in a chance to tour life-like replicas from the boy wizard's world right here in Hong Kong


The Hogwarts Express seems ready to roll
The Hogwarts Express seems ready to roll
Since Saturday Harry Potter fans have been able to visit sets from the film series. Times Square in Causeway Bay has been transformed into Diagon Alley and Platform 9 3/4 Ten of our junior reporters went on a VIP preview tour of the exhibition.

Michelle Man

"Welcome to Diagon Alley!" With scenes from the Harry Potter movies in mind, I had high expectations. When I saw the alley hadn't yet been finished (we were on a preview tour, after all), I was dismayed.

But as I began to examine it closely, I was pleased to see how accurate the replicas were. From greasy windows to Hogwarts House stamps at the Post Office, even the tiniest details were right.

Alex Chan

When I saw platform 9 3/4, I really wanted to just run in and see if I could have gone through and entered the magical world of Harry Potter. Well, I didn't because I knew all I would get was a concussion!

I thought the train and station at the exhibition looked pretty good. The station is like a real station from King's Cross and the exterior of the train looked exactly like the train in the movie, minus the steam coming out of the chimney.

Sitting inside the train, it really felt like I was one of the students who were heading to Hogwarts. The seats and table felt extremely authentic.

Minal Daswani

The life-size models of the two Hogwarts Express carriages were surrounded with signs saying "Platform 9 3/4. They really looked like the ones in the movies.

The replica of Diagon Alley included nine shops, each of which featured in movie scenes: the famous Ollivander's Wand store, Flourish and Blotts store, and replicas of shops that sell broomsticks, robes and animals.

And for souvenir hunters, there was also a real shop: one that sells Warner Brothers Harry Potter merchandise.

Candace Shevonne Kwan

I never would have dreamed that Causeway Bay would be the home of a life-sized replica of the Hogwarts' Express. I never thought the gateway to the magical world of Harry Potter would be just a few blocks from my school!

The Hogwarts Express looked amazing. Entering one of its compartments immediately brought back so many memories of Harry spending time with his closest friends, Ron and Hermione, in it. It was also here that he had a close encounter with a Dementor.

The highlight of the tour was the chance to see Diagon Alley under construction. It felt like all the magic of Harry Potter's world was slowly coming to life right before our very eyes. We saw people running around frantically to add the finishing touches.

I can't wait to visit Diagon Alley again this week with my friends. Maybe I'll even pick up my own wand at Ollivander's.

Lucy Wong Yin-chi

Get your camera ready! I definitely did. Diagon Alley was so true to life it left you stunned. There was even some smoke coming from the chimneys!

At the Post Office, you could pick up a postcard and stamp featuring the four Hogwarts house seals. At an amazing stationery shop, you could pick up pens.

There is also a replica of the Magical Menagerie, filled with fantastic creatures.

William Cheng Man-kit

For Harry Potter super fans, this exhibition is a dream come true.

You can see the costumes from the films and take pictures with the Gryffindor rope, a wand from Ollivander, the Nimbus 2000 broomstick Harry rides and other great props from the movies!

Sabrina Siu

When I came to Time Square, I was not only impressed by the train, but also the whole Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. The corner of Time Square was no longer just a corner, but also a platform full of mysteries.

The train was placed next to the platform, stepping forward to the stage was just like exploring more about the secret of the charming Harry Potter story, making people to have the desire to sneak a peek of the mystical yet wonderful journey that Harry Potter had gone through.

The label Hogwarts Express on the train marked the start of the remarkable trip, the picture of Harry going to school just floated in front of my eyes, just like those vista in misty days.

The interior design of the train was exactly the same as the real one. It made me think of the scene that Harry met Malfoy, the story that accompanies with my childhood, making my life colorful and joyful.

Coco Lam

Equipped with the sturdy brick wall and half a luggage trolley, Platform 9? looks exactly like the real King’s Cross Station in London, and the one depicted in the movies. It seemed the Hogwarts Express was ready to escort students to a brand new year at Hogwarts.

Though Diagon Alley hadn’t been completed yet during the time of the preview, I managed to spot Flourish and Blotts and also Madam Malkin’s. The alley was spacious, allowing witches and wizards alike to rush through without bumping into each other.

Our very helpful guide, Virginia, told us about many other shops that were to be included as part of the exhibition.

The whole exhibition was extremely impressive, probably due to the fact that this was being done in Hong Kong, which was indeed a rare thing to happen. And the large amount of exclusive items like actual props and costumes from the movies themselves left me with my jaw dropped.

The exhibition ends on July 17

Additional reporting by Jocelyn Wong



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