Like father, like child

Like father, like child

To celebrate Father's Day, the Young Post cadets name their favourite famous father-child duos

The third Sunday in June- yes, today!- marks Father's Day. The Young Post cadets celebrate by naming top father-child pairs. Happy Father's Day to all our readers' dads!

Gavin Yeung

Having spent a total of 12 years presiding over the United States from the Oval Office, George Bush Senior and Junior make for one of the most influential father-son pairs in recent history.

Belonging to a powerhouse political dynasty, the both Bushes attended Yale University and served in the Air Force. The pair's presidencies were also defined by their similar foreign policies, most notably in the Middle East, where they oversaw two wars: the Gulf and Iraq Wars.

Yet the American public viewed the two differently. A 2008 poll showed a 60 per cent approval rating for Bush Snr, but only a miserable 19 per cent for Bush Jnr.

Hetty Lee

Never has a father-son duo been more different. Luke Skywalker of the Star Wars series dedicates his life to defeating the forces of evil. He rescues a princess, pilots aircraft and befriends robots.

His father couldn't be more different. He is Darth Vader, lord of the Evil Empire. Not surprisingly, Luke and his father have a somewhat strained relationship. Lord Vader cuts off Luke's hand during their first face-to-face meeting.

Luke refuses to join his father on the Dark Side; but Vader is finally redeemed when he sacrifices himself for Luke.

Jeannie Nam

What do you do if your son is born brain-damaged and unable to control his limbs? Taking him on punishing triathlons with you seems a surreal option.

Yet Dick Hoyt has done just that. His son, Rick, has cerebral palsy, yet the father-son duo from Massachusetts have participated in gruelling Ironman competitions as Team Hoyt.

Dick tows Rick in a dinghy while swimming, pushes him in a wheelchair while running and carries him in a seat on the handlebars while pedalling. The father does all this just to make Rick feel "whole".

Their best time is only 35 minutes off the world record. They competed in the Boston Marathon this year when Dick had turned 70, in their 1043rd race since they began in 1977.

Rick has sais he wished he could walk so his dad could "sit in the chair and I [could] push him once."

Grace Yip

Donald Trump, the face of the US reality TV show The Apprentice, is best known for, well, his "money, money, money" attitude. The 65-year-old real estate mogul is number 17 on a list of the world's 100 most powerful celebrities.

He is the father of five children, including 29-year-old daughter, Ivanka. Like her father, she attended the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. She is following in her father's footsteps and is already an executive vice president at Trump's business empire. She has even appeared as a judge on The Apprentice.

Haruka Nuga

One of Hollywood's golden families, the Smiths, is a triple threat that can't be ignored. Will Smith has starred in a variety of such blockbusters as I, Robot and Hitch.

In The Pursuit of Happiness in 2006, Will shared the screen with his young son, Jaden. Since then, Jaden has come into his own as a child actor and recently starred in The Karate Kid alongside our own Jackie Chan.

As Jaden has risen to stardom, so has his younger sister Willow - as a singer. Her recent single Whip My Hair made it on to the Billboard Hot 100 chart, turning her into a mega-starlet overnight.

Will and his superstar children are a trio of talents we'd better watch out for.

Compiled by YP cadet Haruka Nuga



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