Marvel movies

Marvel movies

Well, comic book fans, it's another sad week with the release of the completely disastrous Green Lantern. In last week's column, I listed my three favourite Marvel comic book movies and promised to share my three least favourite today. I would love to include Green Lantern, but it's DC, so maybe another time. (Check out the animated straight-to-DVD Green Lantern: First Flight- loads better!)

So my most hated Marvel movies are the Spider-Man trilogy. I grew up reading Spider-Man comics- in fact, they're pretty much how I learned how to read. He was always the character I most identified with and still do. So anything that took away from the character's essence would not do.

The trilogy did that straight off the bat, giving Spidey organic webs that shot from his wrists. In the comic, Spider-Man's mechanical web shooters and web fluid was what told readers that Peter Parker was a teenage scientific genius. Without this, Peter's character is significantly less substantial.

I could write a thesis on how shocking this trilogy is, but I'm too busy reading Amazing Spider-Man Issue 663. The reboot of the franchise brings mixed feelings. I'm thankful they got rid of Toby Maguire, but I cringe at the thought that the producers could actually do an even worse job. As the famous Spidey line goes, "With great power comes great responsibility."

I hope the producers of the new Amazing Spider-Man will keep this in mind and make next summer's release actually worthy of the originals, and Stan Lee's genius.


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