Splashing good fun

Splashing good fun

In the heat of the summer, Ocean Park welcomes you with lots and lots of watery excitement


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Photo: Sam Tsang
The frequent downpours are keeping the fierce summer heat at bay for the moment. But the scorching sun will soon return, making every day an ordeal.

But hang in there. Ocean Park is about to whisk you off to the coolest and wildest wonderland.

Starting next month, the park will turn into a wealth of water zones with gallons of fun for the whole family.

The adventure tour will begin with the "Rapids" in Ocean Park's new South American rainforest-themed zone. On round rafts, passengers charge into rapid torrents and race along an Amazon-style river. Twisting tides throw visitors about until finally the boat plunges down a steep slope.

A booming voice warns of dangers ahead, but even donning a raincoat and hiding beneath an umbrella won't help much on this madcap ride. Ambush troops lurk in the forests and on suspension bridges. They attack visitors with a bucket full of water dumped from overhead or a surprise water gun attack.

Then there's "Raging River". The ride is famous for the vertical drop at a speed of more than 58km/h.

The exhilarating ride is revamped with slick new twists, extra wet effects and water gun attacks.

The park is not a place to stop watching your back.

"The Furious Five" - including Po the giant panda and his comrade Tigress - are at the "Kung Fu Panda Wild Wet Zone". The cartoon heroes are set for the toughest and splashiest water kung fu practice session with aspiring fighters.

Instead of paws and claws, though, Po wannabes arm themselves with water guns and buckets. Dancing fountains, aquatic blasts and water effects will give their battle an extra buzz.

The park will also offer some stunning shows to entertain visitors as they catch their breath and let their hair dry.

High on the list is the adrenaline-pumping "Summer Dive Party". The show's acrobats will perform flaming-hot fire dives, nail-biting bungee acts, synchronised spins and somersaults on a trampoline.

In "X-Players: Freestyle Action", dancers will turn up the heat with street-style hip hop, martial arts, eye-popping gymnastics and bicycle stunts.

The summer attractions at Ocean Park will run from July 1 to August 28. Pack your swimwear for a day of splashtastic fun.

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