The fifth challenge of Brain Game: Vote now!

The fifth challenge of Brain Game: Vote now!

If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what are the five things you would need to survive?
Janet Tam Ka-wing, 16, St Rose of Lima's College

I'd bring a high-definition digital camera so that I could record my feelings and experiences, for example, where I found food. I'd also bring a 32-gigabyte memory card and a solar-powered battery charger so I wouldn't have to worry about using up memory or running out of power. Next, I'd need a water bottle with a filter so I could drink sea water. Lastly, I'd bring a box of matches to light a fire for cooking or call for help.

Jenny Leung Chi-yan, 16, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

I'd bring a bathtub, as I have to shower and wash my hair daily. My Chinese history books would be important, as I won't pass my test if I don't study properly. I'd also like to have my cellphone; the sense of loneliness would be too much if I couldn't call anyone. I'd bring my computer, since I am a Facebook fan. Most importantly, I'd want my mum with me. Without her, I'm not sure if I could find food or pull myself together to look for a way out.

Karen Allisa Napoles, 18, Delia Memorial School (Broadway)

I'd bring a fire starter kit. It would be useful for starting a fire for cooking and keeping me warm at night. Next I'd bring a knife, which I could use to slice fruits, cut up raw fish or protect myself from anything unusual that might attack me. The third item would be soap - I don't want to be stranded and stinky. Fourth would be a pillow for comfy sleep. Lastly, I'd bring a buddy - someone who can keep me company. I'd make the most of the time there to appreciate nature.

Ella Chan, 16, Chinese International School

First, I'd bring my family. Family comes first on my agenda for everything I do. I wouldn't mind being stranded on a lonely beach as long as my family was there with me. Then, I'd want my best friend - she would keep me occupied. Thirdly, drinking water - that's definitely essential to staying alive on the beach. Fourth would be an iPod. I'd need entertainment, so that would provide music. Finally I'd bring a phone to inform people out there that I'm stranded on a lonely beach!

Kobe Lee Wai-ling, 16, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

I wish I had brought my own bed simply because I can't fall asleep on soft sand or hard rocks. Second, I need loads of books. I could read them to kill time. After reading them, I could burn them to make a fire. Also, a sunblock is a must because I don't want to get sun-tanned or even sun-burnt. The UV rays are harmful to my skin. What about food? Some seeds would be necessary because plants could grow from these seeds. Last but certainly not least, it’s FAITH. I definitely need it to feel hopeful that I would be rescued one day.


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