Impressions and experiences from the heritage detectives

Impressions and experiences from the heritage detectives

The heritage detectives tell us what they learned working on their project and share their experience

A1 is Great, Shun Tak Fraternal Association Tam Pak Yu College
Mok Chun-yiu - I also realised how important and fun playing in groups is.
Cheung Ka-kin - If I have a thought of giving up my study, I will remind myself what I’ve learned: it is not easy to have a chance to study advanced knowledge.
Kathy Chan Ching Lam - Kids today rely on electronic gadgets like iPhones and iPads. The elderly had to be more creative and play collective games like hide-and-seek and rock, paper, and scissors.

Diligence Team, Holy Carpenter Secondary School
Poon Man Yi - Leadership skills are something we cannot learn often. This project was a chance to learn a lot. We were able to something different. Learning is not only about going to school and reading books.
Lam Wai Yee - I am so proud of my project. I was very excited to be able to a writer for a newspaper!

Energetic Detectives, Leung Shek Chee College
Natalie Tam Po-yee - After interviewing my grandma, I can know more about her previous lifestyle. Although they had insufficient facilities, they never gave up and helped Kwun Tong to develop. Therefore I learn that no matters how the difficulties are, we should try to bend and stretch.
Cherry Cheung Pui-yu - I discovered that some elderly yearn for the past of Kwun Tong: the factories where they worked with their friends and the Dai Pai Dong where they had lunch.

Explorers, Sha Tin Government Secondary School
Mandy Cheng Hoi-man - Hearing about elderly childhood memories helped me understand why our parents and grandparents cherish so much those old-fashioned comics, songs, radio programs.
Nicole Chan Tsz-on - Although our gaming consoles maybe really more entertaining than that in the past, the games in the past also had their own fascinating ways! They were so simple and they could really ‘play’ with the others while having fun, making friends and spending time with family members.

Freeboy, Hoi Ping Chamber Of Commerce Secondary School
Wong Keith Hong-Yuen – we were working on a project on the Lee Theatre, and I found out my grandma had been there in her youth! I was happy to talk with her and find out the old Hong Kong.

Generation X, St. Mark’s School
Lam In Tan - It has been a challenge for me to find someone to interview. But we finally came up with satisfactory result. This impresses me.
Lau Ching Yee – At first I thought it was a boring project, just another school assignment. But we really tried to find an interesting topic and interviewee it and it turned out to be a great experience. I would definitely join this project again.

Heritage Paparazzi, St Paul’s Secondary School
Through this project, we have learnt how to communicate with different people even a stranger. Particularly to communicate with an elderly, we have to be very patient and mind our wordings when we speak.

History Boys, Sun Fong Chung Primary School
Wan Chi Yeung - I had a chance to interview my father and I knew more about him and also Lam Tsuen.
Daniel Edwin Hatcher - We need not to be the best project and get published. We have already leant a lot in the process of doing the project.
Phoebe Pua Ku Fong (teacher) - I am happy to see that both of my students enjoy doing the project very much. They are not only learning the skills of doing a project, but also learn how to work together and the importance of environmental protection.

History Lovers, Wa Ying College
Suen Althea - It was not my first time to go to Tai O, but it was the first time I sat down and listen the story of a Tai O resident. I found that it was not that difficult to talk to an elderly after I have interviewed a few of them.
Chan Wing Yue, Wynne - I have got the chance to look into the history of Tai O and I have got some first-hand information which cannot be found on internet.

Inheritage, Good Hope School
Bobbo Liu - I learned about the Murray House history and gained writing and photo-taking skills. And I treasure the time I spent with my teammates. The obstacles brought us together and built our friendship.
Pamela Ho – The Murray House was a silent story teller. Standing next to a building, a witness of the Japanese occupation of Hong and the colonial period Hong Kong, we could imagine how it was like it the past. Interviewing Graham took some courage and the first step wasn’t easy, but with determination we were able to interview him.

Integrity Team, Holy Carpenter Secondary School
Hannah Choi - Things change so quickly in Hong Kong. Working on this project made me realise that if we don’t take the time to learn more about the past, we might loose something memorable.

Loyalty Team, Holy Carpenter Secondary School
Chun ho yan - During the interview I learn a new skill: how to take a video. It was so funny! This project was a challenge for me. This experience is precious and meaningful. I think I will do better in my next project!

Memory, Leung Shek Chee College
Carol Lam - This is my first time to interview the people I didn’t know before. After a while, we found a friendly elderly. He taught us the philosophy of life.
Millie Tang – I learned to treasure the heritage of my city I take for granted.

N Generation, Pooi To Middle School
Jessica Mak Sin-ting - I found our elderly people have loads of interesting stories about Hong Kong’s past to tell. They tell us things they’re the ones to know.
Grace Chan Kei-yin - I have learnt the importance of actively searching about our pass for enriching my life.

Retro, Sha Tin Government Secondary School
Lydia Sung Leong-ying - I use to believe that pluck wild fruits, playing with vines and using bare hands to seize fish only happened in stories. But after interviewing an elderly, I realised it truly happened. I tried to look at old people’s life from a different angle.
Yoyo Tang Lok-yiu – I use my computer everyday and I could never imagine how my life would be without it. But, I realised it is not impossible. Yi-mui also taught me that the world is really wonderful, if we feel it. I want to thank him for advising me to spend more time to look at trees, flowers and little animals instead of the screen.

The Unpredictables, St. Paul’s Secondary School
Yoyo Chan Tsz Hei - I realised every street, every road, every path has its own story.

The Vintage, Good Hope School
Christy Wong - Heritage should not only refer to architecture, but also the spirit and values of one place. I now think the youngster’s attitude towards heritage conservation can change the fate of heritage.
Hilda Leung - The amicable residents and the trusting relationships between neighborhoods in Tai O deeply impressed me. On the MTR, I often see people quarrelling because one pushed the other. This can be found nowhere in Tai O – the residents freely open their doors and chat with their neighbours nearby. No quarrels, no rushing, no tension – I see Tai O as a utopia in the reality.

Time Travelers, St. Paul’s Convent School
Kitty Leung - Although it is near our school, we only knew little about Christ the King Chapel until we chose this to be our topic.
Sandy Cheng - The building is not magnificent, however I now know it makes significant and important contribution to the community.



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