The third challenge of Brain Game: Vote now!

The third challenge of Brain Game: Vote now!

How would you design a chair for lazybones?
Janet Tam Ka-wing, 16, St Rose of Lima’s College

My chair would be great for lazybones who love to eat. The back of the chair could be lowered into a bed position. There would be a high-definition monitor in front of the seat, with a refrigerator on the right. Lazybones could watch TV or play computer games while eating ice cream. I would have a sink on the left for them to wash their hands.

Kobe Lee Wai-ling, 16, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

I'd like to design a convertible armchair for lazybones. The right arm would be an AI remote control panel for operating all home appliances such as lights, televisions and air conditioners. Lazybones could relax even further by pressing buttons on the left arm to activate the massage function. Pressing another button would turn the chair into a couch.

Jimin Kang, 13, South Island School

My chair would have a special timing function to allow an hour or two of idle (but luxurious) reclining. But, when the time limit is exceeded, the chair will slowly turn rock-hard. This will remind our lazybones that it’s time to get up and do some exercise, once and for all!

Brian Ng, Diocesan Boys' School

Lazybones threaten society and should be eliminated by natural selection. Thus, my chair would have every feature a lazybone would desire: Wi-fi connection; coffee machine; back massager; even a sewage system. All true lazybones who use this chair will eventually die from heart failure brought on by lack of exercise.

Ella Chan, 16 Chinese International School

The ultimate lazybones armchair would eliminate the need for a person to get up, ever. A self-stocking refrigerator would be attached to the bottom of the chair so food would never be out of reach. Tubes would carry waste away.

Jenny Leung Chi-yan, 16, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

I would design a chair to make lazybones less lazy. The back of the chair would be very straight and high. The seat would only support 75 per cent of his hips, so that his legs would have to support 25 per cent of this body weight. It would also mean that he wouldn't fall asleep easily. If he did, an alarm clock inserted in the chair would ring very loudly. I am sure that he would wake up immediately.

Karen Allisa Napoles, 18, Delia Memorial School, Broadway

A chair that’s big, comfortable and the type that consists of pretty much everything. It must have wheels that are controlled by a joystick, and a fridge for food and drinks. It will also automatically evolve into a toilet bowl in times of need. To kill boredom, a projector will pop out overhead; the lazybone just needs to find a white wall.


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