Gaga likely to stay this way

Gaga likely to stay this way

Debuting atop the Billboard 200, Lady Gaga's second studio album Born This Way is a masterpiece in electropop. Now a household name, Gaga goes back to her roots, creating the sledgehammer pop that led to her fame. Typically, the album is laced with religious and cultural themes, and a little controversy.

Gaga fans can't help but a feel a sense of misgiving in the opening track, Marry the Night, which begins with self-indulgent church organs and a sense of the grandiose. All ill will quickly fades by the chorus, as an irresistibly glittery beat and tight synths begin to permeate through the track. The end result is brilliant, and classic Gaga: edgy urban pop that is distinctively danceable. No-one else can carry a hook quite like Lady Gaga.

First single Born This Way is the fastest-selling song in iTunes history, and for good reason. Although fans will notice that the sound is still familiar, Lady Gaga continues to push the boundaries of pop.

Influenced by contemporary pop and infused with opera rock, the product is immediately refreshing. Born This Way shows off Lady Gaga's impressive vocal capabilities. From a capella to solid chants, there is a powerful underlying theme of identity.

Lady Gaga's Little Monsters will be delighted with Born This Way and even her critics will have to admit begrudgingly that the tracks are dangerously addictive.

YP Rating: 5/5



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