Green jobs on the rise

Green jobs on the rise

Growing concern for environment creates work opportunities

Green messages and marketing are now more often seen in everyday life - nature conservation, recycling, waste treatment, energy efficiency and so on. Who is behind all these? In the environmental sector, new jobs are being created and current ones modified to assist governments and companies incorporate conservation and sustainability concepts in their policies and products.

The United Nations Environment Programme reported that there were millions of "green" jobs globally in 2008, and anticipated an employment surge in industries such as renewable energy, recycling, sustainable agriculture and forestry.

The Hong Kong government identified environmental industries as one of the six key sectors with "clear advantages" and "great potential for development" in the 2009-10 policy address. Plans to retrofit government buildings and public facilities and enhance their energy efficiency have also been announced. More construction engineers and renewable energy and energy-efficient component installers will be needed. The list goes on, from environmental consultants, pollution monitors and carbon auditors to sustainability managers. Graduates could even benefit from the wealth of relevant employment opportunities in Greater China.

Your future may be green.



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Indeed there is kind of battle between greener world and the socalled ROBOTIC world...but i must agree that with greener world,this world would be like paradise with no pollution and i know humans need technology for their daily lives but actually if we need technology,we wouldnt throw the technolog

Alex Yeung


Our planet would very likely never be a paradise without pollution though it's nothing wrong to wish the opposite. The thing is we have spent quite some time figuring out the old technology we were using is dirty, polluting (entailing cost of repairing, mitigating and so on) which we find is not cos