Oliver's unreliable memoirs

Oliver's unreliable memoirs

Based on Joe Dunthorne's novel of the same name, Submarine is told through the eyes of 15-year-old Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts), a student from suburban Wales with a fecund imagination and a knack for literature.

Through constant spying on his parents, Oliver becomes convinced that his mother, Jill (Sally Hawkins), is having an affair with her ex-boyfriend and next-door neighbour, Graham (Paddy Considine). He also feels his love interest, Jordana (Yasmin Paige) is burdening him with her family problems.

Oliver's twisted perception of the world is on display throughout the film. He tends to over-analyse and embellish situations - he imagines his own death as being a national tragedy, with mourners holding vigils and weeping in front of TV reporters. His displaced reality makes him an unreliable narrator. It's outrageous and funny, yet in Oliver's mind, it's all feasible.

Ayoade shows his off-beat humour throughout while parodying the romanticised handling of teen love in more mainstream titles. The teens in the film don't look like air-brushed models from fashion shoots; nor is the dialogue filled with punchlines and one-liners.

Don Juan's got nothing on the stiffly played Oliver in the romance department. And not a lot of directors can make such a hilarious and clever debut. Ace.

Contains strong language and mature themes

YP Rating: 4/5



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