Script: Listening Exercise 108

Script: Listening Exercise 108


Joey has just joined the Customer Services team at a new shopping mall in town. The mall has been open for just one week and this is Joey’s first day alone at the customer services desk. Three customers come to the desk to ask for her help. Listen to the conversations.

Customer 1

Joey: Good morning. How may I help you?

Cust: I wish to complain most strongly about the service I have just received in one of your shops.

Joey: With respect, I think that is a matter for you to sort out with the shop itself. It is not the sort of thing we normally deal with at customer services.

Cust: The sort of thing you don’t deal with? What exactly do you mean, young lady? You are here to help customers, aren’t you? Have I got that wrong?

Joey: Of course we are here to help our customers, but this is a matter that we don’t normally deal with. You would be much better dealing with the shop where the incident happened.

Cust: I have already tried that. And I got nowhere. I spoke immediately to the assistant concerned and, told her I thought her sales approach was bad mannered and rude.

Joey: And the matter was sorted out?

Cust: Of course it wasn’t. Why do you think I’m here?

Joey: Did you speak to the manager?

Cust: I most certainly did. And he was as rude as the assistant.

Joey: I really don’t see how customer services can help.

Cust: Very well. If that is going to be your attitude I will not waste my time with you any longer. But I can assure you that I will never return to this mall again. You and all your shops have lost my custom, young lady. Good day.

Customer 2

Joey: Good morning. How may I be of assistance?

Cust: This is my first visit to the mall, and I was wondering if you could recommend a good restaurant for lunch?

Joey: Let me give you this list of restaurants. Each restaurant is described with details of price and the type of food they serve. All the restaurants are situated on level five. The lift over there takes you straight to the restaurant area.

Cust: I’ve heard the food court is good.

Joey: I’m afraid the food court isn't open to the public until next month. We just have individual restaurants open at the moment.

Cust: I must be mistaken. I thought a friend said she ate there last week.

Joey: She must have eaten in one of the restaurants, I think. Do you like Italian food? A new Italian restaurant opened yesterday and they are offering a special lunch menu during opening week.

Cust: That sounds very good. Can you show me which restaurant it is? A couple of friends will be joining me for lunch. I’ll give them a ring and tell them where to meet.

Joey: No problem. Let me mark the restaurant on the map for you. Cust: Thank you. You have been very helpful.

Customer 3

Joey: Good morning, Miss. Can I help you?

Cust: Oh, I hope so. I’ve lost my bag. I had it with me when I got to the mall. And I’ve used my wallet several times. But I realised a couple of moments ago that I didn’t have my bag with me. I’ve come straight to see you.

Joey: Don’t worry. We’ll do what we can to find it. Can you give me a few further details?

Cust: Yes. It’s a black satchel-type bag. I had my notebook inside. Oh, I must get that back. I’m so stupid. I must have put my bag down somewhere and just walked away without picking it up.

Joey: Don’t worry. We have a lost property unit in the main office. I’ll give them a call and see if they have the bag.

Cust: That’s very good of you. No one’s brought it here, have they?

Joey: If you left it in a shop or if someone found it and gave it to one of our attendants, it will have been taken directly to lost property. Just one moment. I’ll call them and see if it has been found.


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