Top 10 tips for all your prom needs

Top 10 tips for all your prom needs

Prom season is just around the corner. If you're stressing about everything you have to do before the big night, worry no longer. Young Post intern Cee Cee Biddlecombe and junior reporter Sophie Cheung have compiled the Best of Prom list. From dress to nails and accessories, you'll find plenty of advice and useful addresses. And boys, we've got tips for you, too!


A stunning dress is undoubtedly the key to shining at your graduation dinner. Don't wear black: our teens are the time to be adventurous. Choose a dress that complements your skin colour. If you are fair, try bright red or sea blue, while more tanned girls can try pastels or metallics. If you and your friends all shop at the same places, customise your outfit with beads and ribbons. Shop with friends whose opinions you trust - sales girls may not be impartial and can be pushy.

Try: J. Verzotti, Shop 8, G/F, 21 Yiu Wah Street, Causeway Bay
Fancy Blue, Shop B46, Apple Mall, Causeway Bay

Bits for boys

Boys have a much simpler task than girls! The most common form of dress for boys on this occasion is a black suit - try H&M, Zara, etc. However, if you want to leave a bigger impression, consider renting a tuxedo!

Visit, a great place for tuxedos and suits.


Shoes are essential for girls and boys alike. Boys, don't forget to use shoe polish to look sharp. Girls, be realistic. If you're not used to wearing high heels, choose a medium-height heel, or your evening could be ruined by painful feet. Chunky sandals are in, so why not pick a trendy pair of wedges to maximise height and minimise discomfort?

Try: Shoe Girl, 35 Yiu Wah Street, Causeway Bay, for custom-made shoes and bags
Prestige Shop, 816 UG/F Island Beverley, 1 George St, Causeway Bay.


Make your dress and jewellery clash - that is, if you choose a simple dress, go for statement jewellery, and vice versa. Wear a simple silver chain if you have an elaborate dress, or a bold, chunky necklace if you're wearing something simpler. Earrings instantly lift an outfit - go dangly if you wear your hair up and have a simple neckline; studs go well with a patterned dress. A dramatic bangle will add glamour and sophistication.

Try: Accessorize (IFC, Times Square, APM, Festival Walk malls)
Rose & Crown, Shop 125, 2/F Island Beverley Centre, 1 Great George St, Causeway Bay


The one time when it's ok for teens to wear more obvious make-up. If you want professional help, try Hanker Yeung, Shop 67, 1/F, Tin Hau Apple Mall, King's Road, Tin Hau (HK$250 make-up, HK$100 hairstyling; 10 per cent discount for a group booking of four).

If you can't afford a make-up artist, don't worry! With a little practice before the big night, you can learn simple skills that will wow your friends. Learn the art of the smoky eye - you don't have to use black or dark grey eyeshadow anymore. It's more about concentrating colour in the eye socket and sweeping outward to blend. Add neat eyeliner to the upper lid and mascara, to "open" the eyes. Go for a nude lipstick or lip crayon. (Don't forget to check your friends for lipstick on their teeth or running mascara - and ask them to do the same for you.)


Many girls choose to go to a hair salon and pay a hairstylist for this special occasion. We recommend Kat at Calina's, G/F, Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central.

If you want to try to do your hair yourself, experiment with buns, curls and hair accessories - aim for something different from your everyday look. Curling tongs are your secret weapon if, like the majority of Hongkongers, you're naturally straight-haired. Be generous with hairspray to ensure your 'do stays in place throughout the long night.


It's the small details that help make you feel truly fabulous! Depending on your dress, you can go for a creamy dreamy or super-sharp colour. You can also add decorations, such as rhinestones or tiny gold stars, to make it extra special.

Try: Princess Nails, branches in Causeway Bay and Kowloon,
Queen's Nails, 1/F, 7 St Francis Street, Wan Chai, 3173 2366


If you are wearing a strapless dress, it's worth investing in a strapless bra, or one with removable straps. Another option is to buy invisible straps. These are available in small shops in Causeway Bay and Mong Kok and cost around HK$15.


While you obviously don't want to lug a rucksack to a special dinner, a bag is still really useful. Try a clutch or a small cross body bag to hold your phone, wallet, oil-absorbing sheets, lipstick and, most importantly, a pocket-sized camera to capture the stunning images of your friends all dressed up.

Try: Accessorize (address above)
Shoe Girl (address above)


The final touch - an amazing smell. But don't choose it too late; make sure it's "you". Don't wear anything too strong - go for something citrusy, flowery or fruity. If you're not crazy about anything, you can mix your own scent with aromatherapy oils.

Try: Sasa (branches everywhere)
DK Aromatherapy, 16A Staunton Street, Central, 2771 2847


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