Sweet songs, but no variety

Sweet songs, but no variety

Japanese pop singer-songwriter Yuna Ito's compilation album Love: Singles Best 2005-2010 features her best singles from that period.

With a beautiful, soothing voice, Ito is able to deliver the bitter and sweet experiences of love straight to the listener's soul.

The album contains many of her classic songs, of which Endless Story, her musical debut and one of the theme songs in the hit movie Nana, is unsurpassed. Filled with compelling lyrics, the song describes the difficulty of forgetting the person you love as you remember the "memories of our time together". The song has a brilliant flow and great musical accompaniment.

With a unique theme and touching lyrics, Urban Mermaid encourages people to live in their own way and not to be afraid. The heart-warming quality of the song is conveyed by Ito's strong yet subtle voice.

Although the songs are amazing on their own, as a collection there is simply not enough variety between them to work. One of the few exceptions is Love is Groovy Groovy [Koi wa groovy?]. Upbeat and cute, the song shows a bright and energetic side of Ito that is hidden in most other songs.

Love is filled with fantastic lyrics and performed by a talented artist, but there is unfortunately just too little diversity to make it truly special.

YP Rating: 3/5



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