3D film brings Ayumi up close

3D film brings Ayumi up close

Ayumi Hamasaki fans who missed her Hong Kong concert now have the chance to experience it through the magic of 3D film technology.

Filmed in 2009 with 22 sets of 3D equipment - one was used in the making of Avatar - A3D Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour 2009 'Next Level' brings the live concert experience to the big screen.

The movie does not disappoint: it showcases all of Hamasaki's hits in all their splendour. It is a surreal experience, as the cameras capture the singer from every angle both close up and from afar, giving fans the experience of sitting right up front as well as way up in the bleacher seats. What makes it even better is the music is blasted over the cinema's surround system.

Since this was filmed using 2009 3D equipment and technology, the flaws of such movies released back then can be seen throughout. The several instances of 3D tricks are where viewers will see the most obvious blurring and image scattering. One example where this can be easily seen is when a guitarist uses his electric guitar to "poke" the camera.

But overall it is a fun and exciting experience and should not be missed either by fans or by those unfamiliar with the diva.

The 3D movie concert is showing at MCL cinemas, including the 4D Extreme Screen at the Chek Lap Kok. Visit www.mclcinema.com for show times.

YP Rating: 4/5



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