Electric dreams come true

Electric dreams come true

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YP reader Daphne Poon

Plunging into darkness ... and then a beam of light illuminates guitarist Mark Sheehan. Drummer Glen Power starts the beat. Finally, singer Danny O'Donoghue walks on stage to thunderous applause. He lifts the mic - and The Script's Hong Kong concert begins.

Known for fusing pop rock, indie, soul and poetic lyrics about love, The Script released their eponymous debut album in 2008, followed by last year's Science & Faith. After hyping up the crowd with You Won't Feel a Thing and upbeat singles such as If You Ever Come Back, the lights dimmed for slower jams like The Man Who Can't Be Moved, and the beautiful acoustic I'm Yours which had us swaying - or even in tears.

O'Donoghue often stepped into the crowd to interact with fans. "We were told not to expect much. And the truth is we're a pretty small band," he said. "But Hong Kong, you're making us feel like the biggest band in the world tonight."

How can I begin to describe how I felt that night? Each moment was magic. The Script proved you don't need dancers, mad costumes or fireworks to be amazing. All you need is passion and emotion, and a connection with your audience.

YP reader Shreena Thakore

The Irish pop rock band performed to an exuberant audience in Kitec Star Hall on April 14. Walking onstage to wild shouts and cheers, the lead singer announced: "Tonight we rock the whole of Hong Kong!"

Psychedelic lasers and video clips complemented their performance, but the sound quality was slightly disappointing. The band enlivened the crowd with their sheer enthusiasm, but they could not fully compensate for the hazy sound.

There was a nice mix of songs from both the self-titled debut, and Science and Faith. Fast songs were interwoven with slower ones, creating an emotional roller coaster.

When the band performed the song which made them famous, The Man Who Can't Be Moved, they let the audience sing the first part while they accompanied them. The response was phenomenal, with every member of the crowd, from tweens to grown men, joining in the collective joyous delirium.

The band's songs are based on their lives, and their emotional connection to their music came through - especially during I'm Yours, which sent an electric ripple through the crowd. The band explained the story behind their songs, forging a special bond with the audience.

While it was far from perfect, the concert was a great experience.



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