Tiger and Bunny (anime)

Tiger and Bunny (anime)

The superhero world goes commercial, with corporate sponsors and funding; as if that wasn't enough, their crime-stopping adventures have become a reality television show in the new anime show Tiger and Bunny.

In the fictional city of Sternbild, people called "Next" have super-human abilities which they use to prevent crime. Their exploits are covered on the popular show Hero TV, which picks the "King of Heroes" in a yearly ranking. To become King, heroes have to earn points by capturing criminals and saving innocent civilians.

Veteran hero Wild Tiger isn't doing too well - he messes up nine times out of 10, causes unnecessary property damage and is currently at the bottom of the rankings. What's worse, his corporate sponsor was taken over by another company and is insisting that he wear their new costume and work with a partner. Threatened with his sponsorship being pulled, Wild Tiger agrees.

What he doesn't know is that he's supposed to be the sidekick to a new hero with exactly the same powers as him. His new partner is an aloof pretty boy who doesn't care much for Wild Tiger, and is only there because of the sponsorship. How will these wildly different heroes get along?

With a name like Tiger and Bunny, you'd be forgiven for thinking this new anime was a children' show. The idea comes from the 1999 movie Mystery Men, and it is expanded here to question how much corporate sponsorship and funding affects heroes in the way they do their job.

This new anime shows some promise and the artwork isn't too shabby either. It should hit Hong Kong screens soon.


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