Oxford comes looking for scholars

Oxford comes looking for scholars

England's famous University of Oxford wants the best and brightest students. That quest brought its vice-chancellor, Professor Andrew Hamilton, to Hong Kong last week to recruit some academic stars.

Oxford's China office organised a tea reception on Sunday and invited principals and university guidance counsellors from band one local and international schools, along with five Young Post junior reporters.

"We are committed to excellence," said Hamilton. Oxford's unique structure and education model has helped to forge students' self-confidence and leadership skills, with hundreds of them becoming influential writers, artists and politicians. Oxford is also renowned for its research centres, including one each in Vietnam and China focusing on health issues.

Unlike most American universities, which offer a general education, Hamilton still has faith in a specialised education that gives students a deeper exposure to their area of study. That is why "Oxford is looking for students who are very committed to the subject, and extra-curricular activities are not our top priority", he said.

Between 50 and 60 per cent of Oxford students come from abroad, and Chinese - including Hongkongers - occupy the highest proportion of overseas undergraduates.



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