Nami Tamaki Ready (concert)

Nami Tamaki Ready (concert)

For otaku who would like to use their hobby to benefit others, look no further than 7.30pm on Tuesday night at Kitec. Nami Tamaki's first Asia Tour Ready, featuring Mikuni Shimokawa, will be playing in Hong Kong. Concert promoters CLS Entertainment will donate all proceeds from the concert to disaster relief efforts in Japan.

Tamaki has sung the theme songs for many anime and video games, such as the animes Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Kiba, and D.Gray-man. Gaming otaku might recognise her as the voice from Fortune, the main theme for PS2 role-playing game Radiata Stories, and Castaway, the theme song for Game Boy Advanced's turn-based strategy game, Super Robot Wars J.

Her more recent work includes Give Me Up, the closing theme song to Yattaman, which is now showing on TVB Jade. Nami's 17th single, Negai Hoshi, is the theme song for the Wii role-playing game Arc Rise Fantasia, and her 18th single, Moshimo Negai Ga is the theme song for another Wii RPG game, Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga.

Guest performer Mikuni gained notice by singing the opening and ending themes of the Full Metal Panic! Series. Her latest single, Kimi Ga Iru Kara, was one of the ending theme songs for the anime Fairy Tail, and her 15th single Tsubomi was one of the ending theme songs for the anime Blue Dragon.

Tickets cost HK$480 from HK Ticketing and Tom Lee Music.


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