Project ideas

Project ideas

Here is an idea for your Heritage Detectives project if you still need one. If you intend to cover this, please email to let us know. We don't want to have two teams covering the same topic.

**** A Partnership with the People, KAAA and Post-war Agricultural Hong Kong Exhibition
The Hong Kong Heritage Project is organising a special exibition starting April 13. To read more visit

**** Hung Lau
Hung Lau, literally Red House, is part of the former Castle Peak Farm, which was used by revolutionaries as a place to store and experiment with firearms between 1901 and 1911. Read more

**** Tong Lau residences
Tong Lau are tenement buildings built in late 19th century to the 1960s. We often passed them by in the Western District and Sham Shui Po. They embody a unique culture - tight relationship between neighbours, simple entertainment and rooftop schools. Their heyday and decline is closely related to the social and cultural development of Hong Kong.
The Peak Galleria is now featuring an exhibition about these residences of another time. There will be items taken from those homes on show and also a couple of speeches by academics. The exhibition runs until May 2.
For details, visit

**** Fashion
What was Hong Kong fashion like 60 to 100 years ago? What did it say about the society of the time?


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