Project brief

Project brief

Each project should

‧ include at least one interview with an elderly person who lived in Hong Kong as a teenager

‧ focus on at least one precise location in Hong Kong

Submitting your work

‧ each team should submit a final report of 500 to 800 words

‧ each team should try to submit at least one photo of minimum 1.8MB to 2MB

‧(optional) teams can submit any additional material including photos, videos, audio recording, illustration, etc.

‧ projects must be submitted by Monday, April 25.

‧ to submit your project, visit and click on Submit a Report

Your report should include the following information:

- team name

- school name

- team leader’s name (teacher or student. Include class information if you're a student) and team members’ names, role and class information, eg Jody Wong Ho-yi, 6B, writer

- At least three comments (50 to 100 words) from team members on their experience working on this project and interviewing elderly people.

Using the Heritage Detectives website

- Please fill in the Optional Information box with the team leader's name and email address. Don't worry it's for internal use only and won't be published on the Heritage Detectives website

- If you think your project doesn't fit in one of the categories suggested on the Heritage Detectives Website, email

- In order to submit your report, you'll need to pinpoint a location. Try to make it as precise as possible. If your project mentions more than one location, choose the most important one for your project.

For pictures, remember

- that to allow us to publish them in Young Post, we need high resolution images. The Heritage Detectives website on which you should submit your reports and images won't allow you to upload images bigger than 2MB. So please resize your images so that they are between 1.8MB to 2MB.

- to add a caption which names everyone in the photo

- to tell us who took the photo/s

- if the photos are given by a third party, tell us who they are, and what they want the photo credit to say. Eg: The Anderson brothers, from left, Wayne, Brett and Craig, pose outside their home in Klerksdorp South Africa.

Include similar captions and credit information for any additional material you are submitting (video, recording, illustration, etc)



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