Script: Listening Exercise 104

Script: Listening Exercise 104


Peter Au, a Hong Kong company director, is going to Sydney on a short business trip. His personal assistant has received details of the trip from the Sydney office and is explaining to Mr Au what his schedule will be. Listen to what she says.

PA: Everything looks to be in order. The Sydney office has organised your trip very well. I have dealt with the office manager there before and she is very competent. They know it’s your first trip to Australia and your schedule has been very well thought-out.

Mr Au: I have already been to Australia before, but on family holiday, not on business. I’m looking forward to this trip very much.

PA: I’ve booked you on an A.M. flight. They are sending a company car to pick you up at the airport. I suppose the driver will be in the arrivals hall with a placard with your name on when you get through immigration.

Mr Au: No problem. I presume we’ll drive straight to the hotel.

PA: It doesn’t look like it. You’ll go to the hotel via the office. You’ll call in there for just a few minutes. One of the directors from America will be there on his way back to the States. They just want to introduce the two of you to each other before he flies back.

Mr Au: I will be very tired after the flight so I hope this meeting doesn’t take too long.

PA: I don’t think it will. It will just be a quick hello and then to your hotel.

Mr Au: Good. Is the hotel near the office?

PA: Yes. I’ve just checked on a map. It’s in the central business district. It looks as if the office is just a short distance away from where you will be staying. Your meals have been booked in the hotel, but if you want to make other arrangements, that’s ok. Just inform the hotel if you won’t be having dinner or breakfast there.

Mr Au: That’s fine. I know I want to look up an old workmate when I’m in Sydney. I’d like to have dinner with him one night. I hope they don’t have appointments made for me in the evening.

PA: There is only one evening event listed here on the schedule. On the tenth. There’s a dinner organised with some of the Australian factory managers. You will have to attend that.

Mr Au: Hope it won’t be too formal. Do you think I should take a formal suit with me? Australians don’t do formal, do they?

PA: I think you should take a light-weight suit with you. It wouldn’t create a good impression if you’re dressed too casually all the time.

Mr Au: You’re right. Will you give me my ticket before the end of the week?

PA: You don’t have one. Just put this number now into your phone and that’s all you need. You can also download your boarding pass onto your phone twenty-four hours before departure.

Mr Au: Okay. Let’s go through the appointments they’ve planned for me for the week I’m there.


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