Standing with Japan

Standing with Japan

Recently, hundreds of locals, foreigners and Japanese expatriates gathered at the Hong Kong Japan Club. They wanted to show their support for victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

The activity was organised by Japanese mothers and their children, who spread the news by e-mail and on a Facebook page, which remains active.

One of those attending was Miyauchi Yukimi, 30. Her family lived in the village of Iwate-ken Rikuzeentakata-shi, which was wiped out by the devastating tsunami. Miyauchi was unable to contact her parents, but her brother let her know they were okay.

"When I saw pictures of my village on TV, I could not believe [my eyes]," Miyauchi said. She added many Japanese people in Hong Kong were still trying to contact their relatives back home. They were fearing the worst and trying to come to terms with their loss.

Miyauchi said her brother and father had cancelled plans to relocate to Hong Kong. They will stay in Japan to help rebuild their village.

"We want to let people in Japan know young people in Hong Kong are here to encourage and support them through activities and events," Miyauchi said of the event held at Hong Kong's Japan Club.

For information about how to help Japanese victims, check out Young Post's "From HK with Love" campaign



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