Students give for victims

Students give for victims

While thousands of schools remain closed in Japan since the March 11 disaster, Hong Kong students have come up with novel ways to help. Junior reporters write about how their schools are helping the people in Japan:

Jehonna Bilan, 19, Delia Memorial School (Broadway)

When we heard about the devastating earthquake in Japan that triggered disasters one after another, Class 6A of Delia Memorial School decided to raise donations for victims.

We chose to fold coloured origami cranes. The students then attached the paper cranes onto sticks so they could be hung as decoration.

During recess and lunch time, class representatives volunteered to sell cranes for a minimum of HK$2 each.

Our fund-raising drive did better than we'd hoped. Most cranes sold out by the end of recess and many students donated much more than HK$2. A teacher even donated HK$100 for a single crane.

Class 6A will continue selling the paper cranes to raise money for Japanese victims.

Tang Tik-man, 17, Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alexandra School

Our school has done something special for Japan. Last Wednesday and Thursday, our teacher, Miss Tsui, told us we could write words of encouragement for people in Japan. A lot of students responded enthusiastically.

The school set up a board at the playground for students to write on. I immediately went there with many of my classmates.

I hope people in Japan will receive them and find some comfort in them. I believe Japanese people will pull through the disaster. They are resilient and will not give up easily. They have been working together to overcome their misfortune. My message to them was that they should not give in to despair. Our prayers are with the people of Japan.

Ella Chan, 16, Chinese International School:

CIS held a donation appeal on Friday, collecting funds for for the Hong Kong Red Cross.

Sarah Baker, 15, King George V:

I found what my school did in response to the earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and China very interesting. A 12-hour sleepover was held in our school hall from 6pm on Friday to help us to empathise with the victims of these disasters. The whole school was invited. We were told to bring a sleeping bag and nothing else. This helped us understand what the victims are going through and raised money to help them. Participants had to obtain at least HK$100 sponsorship.

Kei Uchida, 17, also KGV:

Led by Ayano Kasjima, the school's Japanese students held a bake sale and sold Japanese crane pins to raise funds and awareness.

Chloe Lam, 15, Diocesan Girls' School:

Donation booths were set up for Hong Kong Red Cross and World Vision. We had a prayer meeting and observed two minutes of silence for the victims.

Daksha Chandra, 12, Hong Kong Academy

Since I am the vice-president of the Student Representative Council (SRC), I talked to the SRC president and said we should help Japan by raising money. We are going to be doing this next Friday (March 25) and we are going to see how many people volunteer to raise money for the charity. Then we will count the money and send it to the people in Japan.



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