French lessons are optional

French lessons are optional

French trio Yelle are back in top form with the release of their second album, Safari Disco Club. The signature electropop beats that made them so popular in the first place have been perfected in the half-decade since their last release. Staying true to their roots, the songs are sung entirely in French.

Lead singer and namesake Yelle has an effervescent voice that is immediately pleasing to the ear. Chimie Physique (Physical Chemistry) is a shining example of the singer's capabilities, perfectly demonstrating her child-like singsong vocals/ The band's first-rate synths and beats make the track an instant earworm, impossible to ignore.

C'est Pas Une Vie (This is not a life) is another brilliant song and worthy addition to the album. Here, the charmingly sunny beats match the bright melodies which makes the tune so special. The music is genuinely optimistic, infused with authentic feelings of happiness. Yet there is the slightest hint of an edge that reminds you this could easily translate to a serious tune for committed dance-floor-lovers.

Like all the best music, you don't need to speak French and understand the lyrics to appreciate the brilliance. If anything, the unknown words add a sense of mystery to the music, a deep secret to contrast the cheerful melodies. French-speaker or not, Safari Disco Club is an absolute delight to listen to.



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