Buyer beware: don't bother

Buyer beware: don't bother

Special effects bigwigs the Brothers Strause take the helm as directors and co-producers in sci-fi thriller Skyline.

Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and his girlfriend Elaine (Scottie Thompson) head to Los Angeles to celebrate the birthday of Jarrod's best friend Terry (Donald Faison). The morning after the party, the group is awakened by streaks of blue light, which draw people towards them. Yes, the aliens have landed.

The film doesn't follow a linear timeline. It starts just as the aliens begin to arrive. Then it jumps back 15 hours, where you get a little back-story about Jarrod. But this plot "structure" is inane, the digression lasts too long and the suspense of the alien invasion quickly fades.

To attain some level of unpredictability, a lot of third-rate thrillers these days feel the need to have a semi-important character come to an untimely demise. Skyline is no different. The death may be unexpected, but it doesn't hit us on an emotional level - we were never drawn to the character to begin with. Moreover, the demise can even be seen as retribution.

Skyline certainly has one of the most bizarre endings of any film ever created. The entire final scene has no dialogue and involves a "behind-the-lines" look at the alien world. Aside from being gooey and gross, it'll leave a real slimy taste in your mouth. Avoid this DVD for the sake of your belly and your time.

Contains frightening scenes



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