Script: Listening Exercise 103

Script: Listening Exercise 103


Do you know what a blind date is? It’s when a friend organises a date for you with a person you have never met before. Sometimes blind dates work out very well, and sometimes they are disasters. Recently Edward and Polly, two of my friends, went on blind dates. Listen to what Edward and Polly say about their respective dates.

Edward: It was my neighbour who set up the date for me. We are good friends with the Chans next door and Mrs C suggested that I went out with her niece who I had never met. I was shocked when she suggested that we went out. I had finished with my girlfriend a fortnight before and I think Mrs Chan though she was doing me a favour. I’d been a bit down in the dumps and needed something to cheer me up a bit. At first I thought it was a stupid idea and I told Mrs Chan that no way would I go out with a stranger. She showed me a photo of her niece and told me she was studying English at university. I have to admit that I thought she was very pretty when I first saw her photo, but I still didn’t want to meet her. But I really was feeling low at the time, so after thinking about it for a few days, I decided to go along with Mrs Chan’s suggestion. I got the girl’s phone number and gave her a call. And you will never guess what! It was so embarrassing. Mrs Chan had not told her niece who I was or that I was going to call. I felt such a fool. But lik eathy was so nice, and after that embarrassing start, we got on really well. I asked her if she would go to dinner with me the following weekend, and she accepted. I was still nervous about meeting her, but the date went very well. We had lots to chat about. I’ve been out with her twice since, and it’s going brilliantly. I would recommend blind dates to anyone.

Polly: Blind dates? Don’t talk to me about blind dates! Going on a date with someone you've never met before is the stupidest idea in the world! Let me tell you what happened a few months ago. I didn’t have a boyfriend and I was quite happy with the situation. All my friends were dating, but that didn’t bother me at all. I’ve got a lot going on in my life, and a boyfriend wasn’t important. Then, it happened! My friend Cindy persuaded me to go on a date with Johnny, her boyfriend’s best friend. I don’t know why I agreed, but Cindy tricked me a bit. She said the four of us would be going out together, but that’s not what happened. I was on the bus going to the restaurant where the four of us were supposed to be meeting when my phone rang. It was Cindy to say that she and her boyfriend couldn’t make the date and that I would be alone with this boy called Tony. I disliked him on sight. I knew we wouldn’t get on, but I was too polite to say anything and I did have dinner with him. It was an hour of misery. We had nothing to say to each other and I just could not wait to get away. And at the end of the meal, miserable Tony suggested that we went Dutch. I had to pay for my own dinner. Of course, I won’t be seeing this Tony again and I wasn’t very pleased with Cindy when I saw her the next time. Blind dates? Don’t bother!


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