An evening with Danny Choo

An evening with Danny Choo

While local otaku enjoyed the numerous events and stalls of the C3 Expo, Otaku Zone was able to spend an evening with otaku royalty Danny Choo, who was in town for the weekend.

Born and raised in Britain, the Malaysian-Chinese is the son of famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo and now lives in Tokyo. Danny runs a small Web and TV production company called Mirai Inc, which focuses on sharing otaku as well as Japanese culture through the internet, TV, print media and conferences.

Danny became a worldwide YouTube celebrity in the summer of 2007 when he dressed as an Imperial Storm Trooper and danced at a traffic intersection in Tokyo's Akihabara district, in a subway car and on a pavement.

When asked how Hong Kong's otaku compared to Japan's, Danny said: "Otaku are the same all over the world. They have a great passion for anime and manga, which is great."

Recently Danny (right, with his favourite dolls) made a television show for Animax called Culture: Japan by Danny Choo. In the hour-long show, he explores all things related to the otaku culture, from anime and manga, figurines and dolls, to gadgets and video games. The show takes viewers on a tour of otaku hotspots, behind the doors of everyday Japanese otaku, and backstage at anime production studios, and also includes interviews with voice-over actors.

Animax will broadcast the show again every Friday at 10pm until April 15.


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