You've heard it all before

You've heard it all before

The World's Greatest Ballads is exactly that: a collection of the most famous power ballads. The three-disc album is a compilation of almost 60 songs, from 1970s hits to contemporary chart-toppers. Beyonce sits comfortably next to Gloria Estefan as a wide and eclectic range of artists and their tried-and-true hits have been thrown together.

Disc one focuses mainly on contemporary female singers with strong vocals. Leona Lewis, P!nk, Shakira and Celine Dion all make an appearance with their trademark tunes. Some male artists are thrown into the mix, including The Script, Maroon 5 and Will Young.

Discs two and three are more interesting, with more power ballads from the past. They're all classics, from Al Green's Let's Stay Together to Eric Carmen's All By Myself.

The album's strength is how well artists from different eras have been mixed together. The Bangles' 1989 hit Eternal Flame follows on surprisingly comfortably from Shakira's Underneath Your Clothes.

But most of the titles are instantly recognisable, so the disc really doesn't offer anything new.

If you want a introduction to the music of the '80s, The World's Greatest Ballads isn't the worst place to start. Otherwise, don't waste your money.

YP Rating: 2/5



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