Innovation show raises HK$100,000

Innovation show raises HK$100,000

South Island School held its fourth annual Innovation charity fashion show. Led by a 20-member team, the event was the result of six months of hard work.

This year's show was futuristic, with South Island's budding designers showcasing very creative designs.

Jennifer Koh and Alice Facey used frilly ends, single-shouldered pieces and long dresses to great effectiveness and style. All gave strong definition and shape to the models. The black and white themes brought minimalism and contrast.

The show also featured better known brands. Student models displayed chic, casual and sporty outfits with flair and style.

The band CYDI performed their new song Born. South Island's Reggie Yip gave a stunning rendition of Jessie J's Price Tag, and dance crews performed hip hop and jazz numbers.

The colourful decorations and stunning lighting effects added to the atmosphere.

This year's fashion show was dedicated to supporting Bright Angels Foundation.

The organisation helps poor blind people on the mainland to be self-reliant.

It has raised HK$100,000 so far, giving the participants a sense of achievement.



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