A huge success for GSIS's drama club

A huge success for GSIS's drama club

On March 7 and March 8, the German Swiss International School’s Drama ECA cast presented their annual drama performance. This year, the show was titled The Crystal of Light and it was a huge success.

The story begins on a faraway planet called Plutonia where the Empress Tiana sends three heroes, Flash, Roxis and Nova to complete an important mission.

The evil baddie, Valafar, and his minion, Squib, have just stolen the Crystal of Light, which preserves peace and harmony in the universe. The evil men shattered the crystal, scattering the broken pieces throughout important dates in time and space. The heroes have to use a time machine to travel and find the shards.

One of the scenes takes place in Hong Kong, during the time when SARS was around and the baddies hide the crystal on the Big Buddha. And in the 1970s scene, the heroes have to dance to some famous songs of the 70s to try and win the crystal!

At last, the heroes manage to collect all the pieces of the crystal and peace is restored with a dancing ceremony.

Although the show only ran for two days, it took a lot of hard work to make it absolutely perfect and spot on. We practised for months but it paid off and the show was amazing. Hopefully the next show will be just as good as the one we did this year!



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