Supernatural (anime)

Supernatural (anime)

American ghosts, ghouls, monsters and demons get a Japanese anime makeover. But not even this will save them from being hunted down by the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, in the anime Supernatural, based on the popular Warner Brothers show of the same name.

The show follows the adventures of the brothers as they travel across the country, hunting and killing monsters and demons, and keeping the world safe from apocalyptic destruction. Fans of the live-action series will recognise the best episodes from the first season of that show, and new stories and adventures of the Winchester family are unveiled as well.

This is first time an animated project based on a popular overseas drama has been produced by a Japanese anime studio. The same actors who dub the live-action show for Japanese viewers are providing the voices for Dean and Sam in the anime version. Yuya Uchida (Soul Eater's Dr Franken Stein) is Sam, while Hiroki Touchi (Trinity Blood's Abel Nightroad) is Dean.

The first season of the anime will run for 22 episodes, covering the storyline of the first two live-action seasons. the live-action version's first two seasons. The first volume 12 episodes are now available in Hong Kong, with the second half due for release on April 6. Both the DVD and Blu-ray of the first season will be subtitled in English.


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