Pop to R&B, Justin mixes it up

Pop to R&B, Justin mixes it up

Justin Bieber teams up with everyone from Kanye West to Miley Cyrus in his second remix album, Never Say Never - The Remixes. Released to accompany his biopic of the same name, the album debuted at No 1 in the US. Bieber is at the top of his game, effortlessly pumping out pop and R&B - love him or hate him, you have to admit his hair and music have made a major impact on youth culture.

Live track Overboard is a winning love duet by the two most famous faces in teen pop. Bieber and Cyrus have good musical chemistry, their voices intertwining nicely as they sing about the hardships of love. The song won't blow your mind, but it is an earworm with a catchy chorus. It's also rather sweet when Bieber gives Cyrus a shout out at the end of the song: "Give it up for Miley Cyrus, everybody!"

While there is a spread of the typical pop songs you'd expect from a teen idol, there's also surprisingly respectable R&B remix, courtesy of Kanye West and Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon. The original Runaway Love had a sunny Motown vibe, and the remix only improves on it: there's a much harder edge with sick synths thanks to West and Raekwon. But Bieber's gentle cooing meshes well, reminding you this is still his album.

However you feel about teen "stars", Never Say Never - The Remixes is genuinely pleasant. Tweens, start saving up.



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